Will my iphone photos work on the glass?

Yes - most photos taken on phones have more than adequate resolution to use for a vase. Once we receive your photos we will check the quality and ensure they are optimal.

What if I have less photos than the required amount for my chosen vase style?

If you have less than the required amount of photos we can discreetly repeat some at the bottom and opposite side of the vase. We have done this often and will blend the photos nicely.  Once we receive your photos we will double check that you intended to send less than the required amount to ensure there are no missing photos.

Can I combine color photos and black and white? 

Yes we often do this on vases and it looks great!  When we arrange the photos on your vase we always strategically mix the black and white and color photos so it blends well aesthetically.

Can I determine exactly where the photos will be on my vase?

Currently we do not offer this option. We design the vases based on where each photo best fits and look at the entire vase as a cohesive piece. We try to blend the colors and types of photos well so it has a symmetrical overall design.

If you have photos you would like in chronological order there is an option. You can number your photos and we can start with #1 at the top of the vase and go down from there.  The photos will spiral down the vase in that general (but not exact) order. Please let us know if you would like this special option - if you do not contact us to make a special request the photos will not be in chronological order.

Can I put flowers in my vase?

Yes!  The vases can either be displayed as a sculpture or you can fill with flowers.  As long as you avoid abrasives on the exterior you can scrub the inside.  Its best to clean the exterior with cold water and gentle soap.  No dishwashers please!